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Can High Risk Merchants Get an Account?

High risk merchants can certainly obtain superb payment processing accounts. Accounts established for high risk merchants have low rates and favorable processing terms. Our specialty is high-volume processing for high risk merchants.

Examples of high risk merchants include, but are not limited to, travel; subscriptions; digital content; virtual goods; electronics; jewelry; collectibles; adult merchant accounts; herbal supplements; multi-level marketing or direct sales, infomercials or direct marketing; internet services providers; VOIP; foreign exchange (Forex), SEO, tickets; memberships; and recurring billing. Even companies in non high risk merchant classifications can be considered high risk merchants. For instance, businesses with rapidly growing payment processing volumes or those selling high ticket items are often classified as high risk merchants.

Processing Options for High Risk Accounts

One of the first decisions high risk merchants make is where to establish an account. If the target market of a business is within one country or geographic region, an account within that region can be a good fit. If high risk merchants have has an international customer base, establishing an offshore merchant account is often beneficial.

For high risk merchants, an offshore merchant account allows transactions to be processed through an acquiring bank in a territory where a customer is located to avoid cross-border fees. Additionally, it can be less expensive for high risk merchants to process through an offshore merchant account. Interchange rates vary by territory which can result in lower discount rates for payment processing for high risk merchants.

High risk merchants can process domestically, through offshore merchant account or use both. Whatever the choice, high risk merchants can successfully establish accounts quickly.

High Risk Merchants Classifications

High risk credit card processing is a label used by acquiring banks. High risk merchants categorize businesses that have a higher than average chance of incurring chargebacks due to consumer dissatisfaction or that have a greater than normal incidence of fraudulent transactions.

High risk merchant account classifications have little to do the specifics of an individual company. The approval of processing is based on the information provided by companies applying for accounts and not simply classification as high risk merchants.

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